News! An International Crowdfunding 5-12 Nov 2017

We have been struggling to get money for our researchers and all the sample analyses that we have wanted to do to be able to make hypotheses on the relationships between diet and disease in dogs. It has been a struggle I can tell you!

But help is on the way!

WE are happy to announce that the world leading blogging veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker ( ) felt she had to help us to get funded so that we can get our articles written and published! Dr. Becker visited us in March 2017 together with Rodney Habib (from ) and with Daniel Orrego, CEO at the and they were so impressed with what we have done so Dr. Becker is now doing this crowdfunding for us and with us!

This is the third crowdfunding we have arranged (we had 2 before at and one at Indiegogo) and this time we hope it will
go even better as it is someone doing it that CAN do things like
this, we researchers are definitely not good at this type of work, we are much better at analyzing results, doing lab-work, calculating statistics and reporting in journal articles. This new crowdfunding will be tied to mercolas pet site and we have given her 6 interviews that you can see there during the week 5-12 Novemer 2017. But is an International effort - just like we are international. One of our researchers is 50% American and I have spent my Post Doc period in the States, so we are happy to see this teamwork over the Atlantic. Rodney Habib again, is from Canada and my son is studying what comes around goes around ;c))

For 8 years we have gathered data that we to the most part still have unpublished as we are struggling with getting financed all the time. Most of my time, (I'm the leader of the team), goes to chasing small money here and there so that we have had the possibility to do validate our questionnaire (the first part), write one article on atopy and we have nearly all of the analyzes that we wanted to do. But now as it would be time to write up and publish, now we are penniless. And I would cry if I would have to just put everything in a drawer now.

Help us by spreading awareness about us. Direct people to the dogrisk homepage. Thanks!

See more about the funding DogRisk effort here.