Food trial in atopic and healthy Staffordshire bull terriers

In 2013 we started a food trial in Staffordshire bull terriers in Finland. Atopic/allergic and healthy staffies ate either a dry high carbohydrate food or a raw high fat and low carbohydrate food over the six month period of time. We collected blood, hair, skin, feces and urine samples from which we then have analyzeed micro- and macronutrients, gene expression, metabolomics, intestinal flora and environmental/food allergens. We hope to find out more about the etiology, pathogenesis, altered gene expression and metabolism of atopy and also to find out how nutrition affects the disease and the metabolism.

The food trial ended in 2014 and the analyzes were made in 2014-2017. The results will be analyzed as soon as we get funded again.

In this study we also report on how nutrition from puppy to adulthood, how the living environment, the exercise, medications, dewormings, stress etc. affect atopies and allergies.

We have also collected blood samples from other staffies (Staffordshire bull terriers), dogs that were not participating in the food trial. This blood sample collection is still ongoing: We are still looking for staffies with skin and/or intestinal problems and for healthy staffies that are over three years old.

More information:
Johanna Anturaniemi, M.Sc. Animal Breeding, PhD student Canine nutrigenomics