DOGRISK Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ)

The internet-based DogRisk Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) was opened in 2009, and it is still open for answers. Respondents are recruited by letting dog owners know about the questionnaire at dog fairs, through dog clubs, in dog magazines, and in interviews in the media. The questionnaire consists of 21 bigger question groups, 3 of them including 54 questions each, concerning the frequency of food items given to the dog, separately for puppy-hood (2-6 months of age), youth (6-12 months for small breeds, 6-18 months for large breeds) and adult age. In addition, general information on the dog, its keeping conditions, the dog's diseases, feeding and diseases of the dog's dam, and general questions on the dog's environment, family and feeding are posed.

The FFQ generates an exel spreadsheet of 1332 variables.

We now have over 12 000 owners that have answered the FFQ.

We ask about 117 diseases.

There are 54 food items that we ask about and many of them have several drop down boxes to choose from.

The most significant novel thing is that we ask about foods as both processed (=heat treated) and raw/fresh (=non-heat treated). E.g. cooked pork and un-cooked pork, grilled fish and raw fish etc.

The data from the questionnaire will be used to find associations between diet, environment, and diseases in this Finnish dog population. The questionnaire can be found here (only in Finnish).

Professor Stella Barrouin-Melo is doing the same thing now in Brazil.

We have a lot of cases and we have worked on the answers to combine and separate variables so that they should be good to go in analyses - but we lack funding to go on right now...