We have a new crowdfunding campaign coming up this week, the 5-12 November 2017!

Dr Karen Becker from will be helping us to get our 20 articles that we have data for, to get written and published!

Dr. Karen Becker visited us in Finland at the University of Helsinki in March 2017 together with super dog-blogger Rodney Habib, and with the CEO of the world-renowed dog cancer hospital , Daniel Orrego. They had heard that we, as the only place on earth, were doing independent, University based research on the healthbenefits of raw food feeding to dogs and also looking at all diets and how they compare to the diseases of pet dogs. We have a data comprising 12 000 dogs where dog owners have answered about their dogs environment, diets and diseases and another big data on all analyses that you can think of (metabolomics, gut microbota, gene expression, nutrients in the blood, allergy and inflammation markers etc.) from before and after a diet intervention where healthy and atopy dogs were given raw or processed foods for 4 months. So you might think: Why do they not publish these results if they have them? The answer is: We ran out of funding the 31.12.2016 and have lived from hand to mouth just getting bills payed this year and we have had no way of taking in people to Write!

But now you can help us again and we hope that this time we get so much that we do not have to think about this for the next two years!

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The non-profit organization Suomen hajuerottelu ry (WiseNose in English) is doing the fundraising with us: Permit RA/2016/443 (good through June 2018), issued by the police in Finland.

Thank you for your support!