Ingrid Hang (DVM, PhD) has been awarded a 1-year post doc research grant of 28000 EUR from the Finnish Culture Foundation. It was announced on the 27th of February at the Annual Gala of the Foundation. The grant was given for the research entitled: "Fecal transplantation as a next generation cure for dogs suffering from tylosin-responsive diarrhea and atopy". The aim of the present research is to test how  Tylosin-responsive diarrhea (TRD) and canine atopic dermatitis (CAD) react to  fecal microbiota  being transferred by endoscopic fecal transplantation from pathogen and parasite free healthy "donor dogs". This research is part of the ongoing DOGRISK project, which is managed by Docent Anna Hielm-Björkman and the TRD project being initiated by Prof. Elias Westermarck and continued by Prof. Thomas Spillmann and ELL Susanne Kilpinen.