The DogRisk group was awarded all together 110 000 € to do the FFQ food frequency questionnaire from Svenska Kulturfonden i Finland. The sum gave us 30 000 - 40 000 to pay salaries per year, for 3 years. We thank the fund for this support.


The DogRisk group was part of a State funded (TEKES) project and while generating results to the firm we were able to forward the cleaning of the FFQ data so that we could start working on it. We are grateful to TEKES and Vetcare Oy for the joint effort.


Ingrid Hang (DVM, PhD) has been awarded a 1-year post doc research grant of 28000 EUR from the Finnish Culture Foundation.

Travel Grants:

We have also received many smaller grants for our researchers for attending conferences internationally, where they have presented the posters that you see in the poster section:

Johanna Anturaniemi:

ESVCN 2016 in Berlin

ESVCN 2017 in UK

WSAVA 2017 in Denmark

Noora Sjögren:

ESVCN 2016 in Berlin

ESVCN 2017 in UK

Liisa Uusitalo

ICDAM 2015